These 3 Keys will Make Your SEO Copy Get Found on Google

The rise of smartphones and tablets has seen companies adopt digital marketing strategies to complement their existing traditional marketing efforts. Small Companies are looking for ways to make their strategy more effective.

They need their old websites updated.

No matter what type of web-content you write, you can increase its value by including an SEO component.

Search Engine Optimization helps search engines like Google serve your copy up to interested searchers.

To write an effective SEO Copy, you must provide valuable and relevant information to your audience. You must also include the “signals” to search engines that help recognize who your copy is meant for.

The goal of SEO copy is to:

  • Get more pages of a website found by the audience who is interested in them …
  • To cultivate a following of regular visitors …
  • To rank better on search engines …

I have three keys I count as my favorite and would recommend to anyone.


If you stuff your site or your site with page after page of subpar copy, even if it ranks well on search engines (and Google’s Panda update has pretty much seen to it that it won’t), you’ve still failed because you won’t hold an audience.

While the primary keyword is important, make sure it reads naturally, avoid adding keywords just for SEO.

Always write high-quality copy that provides value to your audience.


The second key of good SEO copy is clarity. This is how you communicate with both your visitors and search engines what your copy is about. This typically boils down to well-chosen and well-placed key phrases and well-written titles and headlines.

External and Internal Links

People find good content on other websites as often as they find it through a search engine. And search engines use links from reputable sites to find and rank content as well. You must link to other relevant sites and create quality content that other sites will be willing to link to.

Within your website, you must also have internal links that help people and search engines see what your site is all about and to decide what is most important within your site.

Google and other search engines work hard to return high-quality, relevant content in their results pages.


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