Social Media Management

To succeed at social media marketing, you need to have a substantial presence and engage your followers from time to time. Otherwise, they will forget about you.

Social media management requires a lot of planning. You need to post the right kind of updates that will attract the correct audience and engage them. Your updates need to reflect the brand you want to project. You also need to send updates at the right time.

You will even need to perform other tasks like following people, creating visual content, responding to comments, studying analytics, creating reports and keeping tabs on the progress you have made.

Now, I know you’re already too busy coaching. Let me lift the burden off your shoulder.

And, here’s what I can do for you.

  • Social Media Account Setup: The first impression in social media matters a lot. The best way to achieve a lasting first impression is to create a professional looking page.

While there are dozens of social media sites, there are five sites that have the most extensive reach which you should be using regardless of your business goals. And these are; Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram and LinkedIn.

I will help you create pages people will like and follow, read what you share and visit website address located on the account.

  • Social media audits: I will examine your social media account, to see if it was set up correctly and check the number of followers. I will then compare it against industry social media statistics and your competition.
  • Content creation and management: Content creation and social media management go hand in hand as content helps build trust with your audience. These will include, posts, images, and responding to comments.

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