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Thrive Global is a behavior change media and technology company offering science-based solutions to lower stress and enhance well-being and performance.

How to Embrace Your Newbie Fears and Start Earning | Thrive GlobalNewbie Blinkers

This is based on my personal story on how I embraced my weaknesses as a Newbie Freelance writer.  How lack of confidence and dancing around the idea of finding a perfect niche got me chained like a dog. My core message is that Newbies should stop trying to find the perfect blueprint. Instead get work done and be proud of their efforts.



For: Coture Social

Their articles focus on influencers and of course celebrities within the social media world. It will teach and inspire you to want to be great, to be the best.

Akothee: A Taxi-Driver Turned Songtress Living A Millionaire’s Lifestyle

The once a taxi driver, desperate to feed her four kids, now lives a deluxe kind of life with pomp and all the niceties




The Yacht London: A Decadent Dining Experience and Delightful Riverside Views Worth A Million 


The Yacht London: Moored on the Thames, a Pleasant Place Celebrities Stop to Recharge their Batteries



For: Penny Matters

How to Organize Your Week for Optimum Productivity